Комплекс УЗВ


Дублированные элементы в комплексе УЗВ Аквамаоф

>> Система кислорода
Технология Аквамаоф для растворения кислорода в воде является уникальной в аквакультуре. Основная система оксинации ОДС использует минимальное давление (менее 0,5 мработает я происходит с я The primary oxygenation dissolving system (ODS) operates with extremely low-head water pressure (less than 0.5 m) with capability to dissolve oxygen to 800% saturation. The ODS oxygenates recirculated water flow just before the water enters each production tank; and is constructed to automatically convert to airlift water flow supplying oxygen to the fish tank in the event of power failure (or in any event when circulated water flow stops). In addition, there is a diffuser hose in each tank that will automatically open with power failure or circulated water flow interruption providing pure oxygen from a liquid oxygen supply tank. Each fish production tank has oxygen concentration monitors that provide a continuous reading and warning of oxygen concentrations out of normal range.
The pure oxygen supply system is also duplicated with duplicate liquid oxygen tanks and duplicate oxygen supply to each of the fish production tanks. There is an oxygen control board at each production tank that enables selection of alternative oxygen supply systems; the emergency system or regular operating system.

>> Система циркуляции воды
This system is duplicated with two separate water distribution systems from the pumping sump to each of the production tanks. Each pipe system is connected to a water circulation pump. Most recirculating aquaculture systems provide multiple pumps, but AquaMaof Indoor RAS is unique in that the piping system is also duplicated (pipes can break, valves fail, or leaks develop).

>> Отделение механических примесей
Every fish production tank has central solid waste collection trap with secondary drain. The second level in solid waste separation is multiple settling basins for each fish production module (group of 6 fish tanks). Any of these basins can be removed from operation for normal maintenance or repair without interrupting the normal water recirculating in the system.

>> Система транспортировки рыбы
The fish transfer system is not duplicated but allows for a “duplication” of each fish tank. Should a fish production tank fail in operation for any reason, fish can easily and rapidly be moved to the transfer channel or to another tank in minutes just by opening the fish transfer monk and allowing the fish to flow into the transfer channel.

>> Аварийный электрогенератор
The IACF (Indoor AquaCulture Facility) is equipped with an Emergency Power Generator that ignites automatically with any main, external power supply failure. Maintaining continuous power supply to the various parts of the Facility is of utmost importance.

>> Карантин
The quarantine system is duplicated with separate tank systems to allow for multiple groups of fish to be in quarantine at one time.


Constructed for Long-Term Function and Low Maintenance

>> Concrete Construction
Concrete construction is used for top quality and exact dimensioning of fish production tanks and water treatment basins. This type of construction is very durable and will remain in top condition for many years.

>> Small Number of Moving Parts
AquaMaof’s IACF design is planned for the least amount of moving mechanical parts. The system operations for one module requires two water pumps, two air fans for carbon dioxide removal, and duplicate valves for each tank water supply. The pure oxygenation system is supplied by one common source for the project; liquid oxygen and oxygen generator. The oxygen ODS has no internal moving parts, the solid waste separation has no internal moving parts. The solid waste separation has a unique drain valve that replaces the usual valves for draining the basins.

>> Piping and Water Treatment Media made of HDPE
Water piping is of HDPE or PVC which has a long functional life. The water treatment media (tube setters and biofilter) is static media of HDPE, again with a very long functional life; there will be no requirement for any addition or replacement for more than 20 years.

>> Designed for Less than 1% Annual Repair
The fact that floors, water basins and fish tanks are concrete results in low annual repair requirements. The same goes for the water treatment media, very little or no repair for many years. Water pumps and air blowers are top quality specified for continuous long term use.

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