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 Aquaculture Equipment project cages intensive fish growing technology Mariculture Tilapia


 Aquaculture Equipment project cages intensive fish growing technology Mariculture


 Aquaculture Equipment project cages intensive fish growing technology Mariculture


 Aquaculture Equipment project cages intensive fish growing technology Mariculture


AquaMaof provides turn-key cage projects and high quality equipment for cage facilities including brackets, nets, mooring systems, mobile fish elevators and grading machines, aerators, feeders and other field equipment. All of this equipment is designed, manufactured, and supplied by MAOF Group members. AquaMaof’s expert support center monitors sites and provides professional round the clock assistance.



High Efficiency, Modular Design

AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies’ experience gained worldwide has resulted in the development of our acclaimed ACOS facilities. The modular engineering design is easily and effectively adapted to local requirements. This not only reduces the owner’s initial cost, but ensures higher fish output at a lower operating costs than any other systems on the market. AquaMaof Aquaculture Technologies’ in-house team has all the know-how and hands on experience to supply a comprehensive A to Z turn-key package starting from project concept through product marketing. Of course we can provide any part of the program under warranty to suit your particular situation if you do not need us to supply the complete facility. We are a proven company that is capable of delivering the range of services and equipment needed for implementing a successful project.
When you are ready, a group of our experts will review your project to objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing site, business, or proposed venture.
The feasibility study is a tool to make an informed decision whether to continue the venture and how. The report will describe economic feasibility taking into consideration the location of the project in relation to marketing, logistical issues, and costs.

Project step by step:

    Assess potential sites, evaluate the market and recommend marketing options.
    Preliminary engineering concept design that takes into account commercial requirements and local conditions.
    Analyze business models, fish species selection, alternative operational scenarios, risk assessment and project implementation timetables for banks and financial institutions.
    Define fish cage quantities and volumes according to stocking densities, feed, growth rate, and stocking material availability for each fish species.
    Project supply description, cage system, mooring system, building structures and site equipment
    Appoint a full time project manager, equipment procurement and delivery
    Implement stocking plan, provide in-depth training courses to project staff for management and operation of facility. Reach facility operational status.
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
    Support service and remote problem solving. Routine site visits with additional visits by request. Assistance in locating stocking material and feed. Veterinary services.
    Ongoing support is available from our team who all share one goal: the success of your project. Our team is composed of industry veterans, world class experts with deep experience in the field of aquaculture.